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Central Scotland Camper Hire (AFS Logistics Ltd)


This Agreement is made between Central Scotland Camper Hire (AFS Logistics Ltd) and the named Person/s on the Agreement.

Central Scotland Camper Hire hires the Campervan (including any replacement Campervan) to you subject to this Rental Agreement which incorporates these terms and conditions and the information contained within the terms and conditions.


In entering into this Rental Agreement, you accept these terms and conditions and confirm that you acknowledge that the Campervan is owned by us and that any attempted transfer or subletting of the Campervan by anyone other than us is prohibited and a criminal offence.


We permit you to use the Campervan on the terms of this Rental Agreement only. The hirer must not permit any other person not listed as an authorised driver on the booking form to be in control of the hired Campervan at any given time.


This Agreement contains:

  1. Definitions of Terms

  2. Booking Confirmation & Payment

  3. Security Deposit

  4. Campervan Handover

  5. Campervan Return

  6. Drivers

  7. Insurance

  8. Insurance Excess

  9. Choice of Campervan

  10. Changes or Cancellations by the Company

  11. Changes or Cancellations by the Hirer

  12. Additional Charges

  13. Accidental Damage

  14. Accidents & Breakdown Procedure

  15. Obligation / Responsibility

  16. Condition

  17. Water

  18. Gas

  19. Pets / No Smoking

  20. Data Protection

  21. Complaints Procedure

  22. Governing Law

1. Definitions of Terms

Except where otherwise stated the following words have the following meanings in the Agreement:


“The Campervan”- This means the Campervan hired to you under this Agreement and as specified to you by us including all tyres, tools, accessories, and equipment.


“You”- The person or persons signing this Agreement.


“The Agreement” = “Terms and Conditions”- This means this Campervan Rental Agreement and any document expressly referred to in this Agreement including any insurance document, motor rental agreement, additional handover documents and the terms and conditions.


“Security Deposit”- The sum of £750 as detailed below, paid on collection.


“Booking Deposit”- 25% of total fee, paid at time of booking either by bank transfer or debit/credit card.


“We/us”- Central Scotland Camper Hire (AFS Logistics Ltd).


“Driver”- Is each person who is named as a driver on the Campervan Rental Agreement and legally permitted to drive the Campervan.


“Excess”- is the insurance excess payable in the event of an insurance claim.

“Hirer”- means the person or persons nominated as the hirer.


“Living Equipment”- includes but not limited to dinner set, cutlery, cooking utensils and any other items or extras provided in addition to the hired Campervan.


“Rental Period”- Means the hired period referred to on the Booking invoice.


2. Booking Confirmation & Payment


When booking a Campervan, a 25% deposit must be paid to confirm the booking. The balance is due on collection.


Confirmation of the booking will be e-mailed to you after the deposit has been paid. Until a deposit is received, your booking will not be confirmed.


Upon collection of the Campervan, you will be required to sign these Terms & Conditions. This will then be a contract that will come into effect.



3. Security Deposit

There will be a £750 security deposit taken for damage purposes which will be fully refunded 10 days after on the safe return of the clean, undamaged Campervan. This must be paid by bank transfer or debit/credit card on Campervan handover. 



4. Campervan Handover

Collection of the Campervan is from 2pm on the day hire commences (unless previously arranged and agreed with us). We will always try to accommodate an alternative time, but this cannot be guaranteed and may incur an additional fee.


The handover procedure will take approximately 50 minutes, therefore please allow time for this when planning your trip.


The hirer acknowledges having received the Campervan in a clean condition and in sound working order in accordance with the Campervan handover check list.


Campervan handover cannot take place unless all relevant documents are presented for each driver.


Where a Campervan has previously been returned with a mechanical or cosmetic defect Central Scotland Camper Hire (AFS Logistics Ltd) may need to delay the handover whilst these issues are resolved. The hirer agrees that a delay of 2 hours will be acceptable to resolve the mechanical issues and that any residual cosmetic damage which does not compromise safety will fail to be good reason for the hire to be cancelled.


A £750 refundable security deposit will be taken on the day which will be held for 10 days.


During the hire period the hirer may park 1 car at our premises but at their own risk. We cannot accept responsibility for the loss of, or damage to this car or its contents. The keys for any car parked on the premises must be left with Central Scotland Camper Hire (AFS Logistics Ltd) Fleet Management Team.


5. Campervan Return

The Campervan must be returned by 10am at the end of the hire. Failure to comply with this will result in a late return fee of £50 for each hour overdue. The hirer will also be liable for any extra costs (such as compensation for the next hirer). We reserve the right to reimburse these costs from the security deposit.


Please return your Campervan on time. If for any reason you will be late, through circumstances out of your control, the hirer must contact Central Scotland Camper Hire (AFS Logistics Ltd) immediately to notify us of approx. time of arrival.


All Campervans come with a full tank of fuel at the commencement of hire and should be returned with a full tank. Failure to implement this will result in a charge of £50 plus the cost of the fuel to be taken from the security deposit.


In the event of any items are missing / damaged from the inventory, a charge of replacement will be made.


The hirer agrees that the Campervan will be returned with the interior cleaned. Failure to do so, the hirer agrees that the sum of £75 will be taken from the security deposit.


You are not permitted to clean the exterior of the Campervan.



6. Drivers

Drivers must be over the age of 25 years and under 75, in good health and hold a full driving licence.


“Good Health” means that you have no mental or physical disabilities which would interfere with your ability to drive, for example (but not limited to) stroke, deafness, heart condition, diabetes, loss of limb, loss of sight in an eye, epilepsy. In addition, you must not be taking drugs likely to affect your driving or drugs prescribed by a registered medical practitioner for treatment of drug addiction.


A maximum of 2 drivers is allowed by our insurers.


Drivers must be present when collecting Campervans.


Drivers will need to have held a UK licence for at least two years or a European Union licence for at least 3 years.


There may be additional charges depending on the driver details (e.g., any endorsements).


If a driver has had an accident in the last 2 years, please inform us for insurance reasons as there may be added costs.



We require to see the following documentation for drivers:

  • Front and back of photo driving licence


  • Paper licence along with some form of photo ID


  • 2 recent utility bills (at the same address and less than 3 months old)


A copy of these documents must be emailed to within 7 days of booking confirmation. Photographs of documents will be accepted.


You must bring all the original documents when collecting Campervans. Failure to show these documents on the day of hire will result in fees paid being forfeited.

You will also be required to provide a DVLA Check Code 24 hours prior to Campervan Handover. No driver will be permitted to hire a Campervan where a DVLA check cannot be completed.


Accurate information

Failure to provide accurate information may invalidate the insurance and render you liable for all losses howsoever sustained including claims by third parties.


You warrant that all information supplied to us in connection with this agreement is true and complete. On collection of the Campervan, you warrant that information supplied with the original booking has not changed, including but not limited to number of points on a driver’s licence.


Should your driving history or health change between the time of making the booking and the date of collection the Campervan, you should inform us immediately with full details of your new circumstances.



7. Insurance

The price of the hire includes fully comprehensive insurance for one driver. If you require an extra driver, please let us know and we can add them on at an additional cost.


PLEASE NOTE: Personal possessions are not covered therefore the hirer is advised to take out their own travel insurance to cover loss or personal injury.



8. Insurance excess

Insurance excess is normally set at £1000 but varies with personal circumstances.


Our insurers may increase the excess payable by you if you hold a foreign licence, have driving offences on your licence or have criminal convictions. You need to inform us if any of these points apply to check with the insurance company if the excess is to be increased.


PLEASE NOTE: If an insurance claim is made against a third party and the Campervan you are responsible for, a £1000 excess (or excess of a greater amount if you are notified before the rental period commences) is due in each and every incident and includes loss or damage to equipment, fixtures and fittings or third-party property. The excess applies in respect of each claim.


The insurance does not apply to windscreens, windows, wheels, tyres, the underside, and the interior, towing charges, or where the Campervan is driven off road or on unsurfaced roads or without due care and attention, negligently, recklessly, or where the driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Your liability to pay the cost of the damage will therefore not be waived in these cases and you may be liable for the full cost.


In respect of windscreen damage a separate policy excess charge of £100 may be levied.



9. Choice of Campervan

Although we make every effort to have the Campervan of your choice, we must allow for unforeseen circumstances (e.g., Campervan break down, mechanical fault, late return / damaged sustained from previous hirer). We reserve the right to provide you with a suitable comparable or superior alternative, without notice upon collection.



10. Changes or Cancellations by the Company

Very occasionally we may need to cancel your booking. In such circumstances you will be given a full refund, but we shall have no further liability to you arising out of such cancellation. We will, however, use reasonable endeavours to try and re-locate any confirmed booking cancelled by us to an alternative hire supplier of a similar standard.


Central Scotland Camper Hire (AFS Logistics Ltd) reserve the right to cancel the hire in the event of an invalid driving licence, if personal insurance has been declined for any given reason, or if the Terms and Conditions are not met. The cost of the hire will not be refunded in these circumstances.



11. Changes or Cancellations by the Hirer

All cancellations must be notified in writing to us as soon as possible.

  • If the hirer wishes to change the hire date more than 4 weeks from the start of hire period, an admin fee of £30 will be incurred.

  • If the hirer wishes to change the hire date less than 4 weeks from the start of hire period, an admin fee of £100 will be incurred.

  • If the hirer wishes to cancel the booking more than 6 weeks from the start of hire period, an admin fee of £30 will be incurred.

  • If the hirer wishes to cancel the booking less than 6 weeks of the start of hire period, we retain 25% deposit.


A no show for collection will result in the hirer forfeiting their monies.


We would advise the hirer to take out their own cancellation insurance.


12. Additional charges

Additional charges that may arise include (but are not limited to):

  • Loss of or damage to the Campervan and its contents during the rental period

  • Insurance excess.

  • Refuelling service charge (e.g. wrong fuel used) along with the replacement of fuel.

  • Additional driver charges.

  • Extra cleaning charges.

  • Road tolls or fines during the rental period.

  • Traffic or parking fines during the rental period.

Central Scotland Camper Hire (AFS Logistics Ltd) reserve the right to recover payment from your credit card of any charges which were not known at the time of return of the vehicle.


Additional driver charges

In some cases, additional charges may be incurred if the driver:

  • Has traffic convictions

  • Is using a foreign driving licence

  • Has a criminal record or any physical or mental condition which may inhibit driving.

  • Has had an accident in the previous 3 years.

These charges will be notified in advance.


13. Accidental damage

We are not responsible for any damage in connection with any accident caused by you, nor are we responsible for any loss from the Campervan.


Our insurance policy protects us and any authorised driver against legal claims from any other person for death or personal injury or damage to any other person’s property caused by use of Campervan on the road, on condition you report all such incidents to us during the rental period or on return of the Campervan (and you are using the Campervan within the terms and conditions and those of the insurance company.)


In the event that any third party suffers death, personal injury or damage to property caused by use of the Campervan which involves a breach by you or any authorised driver of any of the terms and conditions of this Agreement, and that of our insurance policy, you agree to reimburse us if we are obliged to compensate (a) the insurers for any payment they make to a third party on your behalf and /or (b) and any third party.


14. Accidents & Breakdown Procedure

In the event of a breakdown, all our Campervans are covered by breakdown service. Please phone maintenance at Central Scotland Camper Hire (AFS Logistics Ltd) on in the first instance as it may be a simple fault that can be fixed.


Central Scotland Camper Hire (AFS Logistics Ltd) will make every effort to get you home but cannot be held responsible as all our Campervans are serviced and maintained regularly; therefore, we are not liable for any cost occurred i.e. accommodation, alternative transport.


Details of any accident must be reported to Central Scotland Camper Hire (AFS Logistics Ltd) immediately. Please ensure you make a note of time and brief statement of what occurred, and where possible, video/photographic evidence.


Take details from the other driver (if any), details from witnesses i.e. names, address, contact number so this can be passed on to us.


The hirer must obtain prior consent from Central Scotland Camper Hire (AFS Logistics Ltd) before giving instructions/permission for any repair or replacement parts.


15. Obligation / Responsibility

We will supply the Campervan to you in good overall and operating condition, complete with all necessary documents, parts, and accessories.


You agree to return the Campervan in the same condition as you rented it, subject to fair wear and tear, with the same documents, parts, and accessories at the commencement of the hire. Failure to do so could result in a charge at the cost for replacements.


Removing batteries from any safety device within the Campervan is strictly prohibited unless prior arrangements or permission has been granted by us.


The hirer must not carry more passengers than the seating capacity allows or allow the Campervan to be overloaded.


The hirer must not remove the Campervan outside the UK.


The hirer must ensure the Campervan is left secure when unattended.


PLEASE NOTE: Theses Campervans are longer and higher than normal Campervans so care is needed to be taken with them, ensure you leave enough room when turning and if accompanied have a person help to guide you.


16. Condition

You and we will check the condition of the Campervan at the start of the rental term and again upon the return.


You will be asked to confirm with your signature that the inspection has been carried out and agree with any defects, if any, upon hire and again upon return.


We recommend where possible to use the electric hook up to get the best of your Campervan.


The Campervan is equipped with most things you will require except for bedding and towels.


The hirer is responsible to keep the Campervan in good working, e.g. check water and oil levels regularly. If any warning lights come on, pull over when safe to do so and contact maintenance at Central Scotland Camper Hire (AFS Logistics Ltd).


17. Water

All Campervans come with enough water to get you to your first night’s destination. It is the hirers responsibility to ensure the tank is filled on site.


The on-board water is not for drinking, and we advise you to drink bottled water.


It is the hirers responsibility to ensure the Campervan is returned with the cassette toilet emptied along with the water waste tank. Failure to do so, the hirer agrees that the sum of £50 for each will be taken from the security deposit.


The waste cannot be disposed at our premises.


18. Gas

Whilst the Campervan has a current gas safety certificate, by the very nature of a Campervan travelling, it is possible fittings work loose. You are strongly advised to check gas connections are tight after every trip. A gas leak detection spray is provided.


In the event of a suspected gas leak, turn off immediately at the gas supply and call the maintenance number.


19. Pets / No Smoking

All pets, excluding guide dogs, must be approved by Central Scotland Camper Hire (AFS Logistics Ltd) at time of booking. A £50 deep clean fee will apply, and any damages caused by the pet will result in the cost being taken from the security deposit.

We kindly ask that your pet is not left unattended in the Campervan at any time.


A strict NO SMOKING policy applies to all our Campervans, along with any illegal substances and any form of vapour/electronic cigarette (as vapour tends to leave a residue within the Campervan).


If any evidence of smoking or vaping is found, you will be liable for the cost of a professional clean, plus any damages or smoke contamination to the Campervan or its contents.



20. Data Protection

For the purpose of the General Data Protection Regulation 2018, Central Scotland Camper Hire (AFS Logistics Ltd) or any subsidiary of AFS Logistics Ltd may hold and process by computer or otherwise the information given to Central Scotland Camper Hire (AFS Logistics Ltd) by the hirer or any additional driver to provide the requested service/hire.


Personal information supplied may be disclosed to a third party for identity validation purposes, to assist with the provision of the requested services/hire, or subject to a valid request made under the GDPR. All such documents will be destroyed after hire ends.


Some Campervans may be fitted with forward facing cameras, this will be solely for the purpose of recording footage in the event of a collision. The camera records a visual view out of the front window screen of the Campervan and does not show the interior of the Campervan whatsoever. The microphone on the camera will NOT record sound made inside the Campervan.


Video footages are recorded onto the camera and overwritten unless saved if the camera senses an impact. All recorded but unsaved footage will be deleted from the memory by a designated operative of Central Scotland Camper Hire (AFS Logistics Ltd) before any saved footage is viewed. Under no circumstances must the hirer turn the camera off or obstruct camera lens at any given time. If it is switched off by the hirer, this will be considered to be gross negligence on the hirers behalf and Central Scotland Camper Hire (AFS Logistics Ltd) reserve the right to retain the deposit and the hirer will be liable for any damage sustained to the Campervan.


21. Complaints Procedure

Any complaints should be submitted in writing to Central Scotland Camper Hire (AFS Logistics Ltd) within 14 days of the end of the period of hire.


22. Governing Law

This agreement is governed by and constructed in accordance with the Laws of UK. All disputes arising out of or in connection with the agreement shall be subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the UK courts.


Central Scotland Camper Hire (AFS Logistics Ltd) reserves the right to vary the rates and terms and conditions of hire at any time and to decline hire to any person at any time without reason.

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